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Remembering Eileen O'Kane

20 April 1944 - 2 May 2021

Because of COVID only a few people are allowed to attend Eileen's funeral which will be streamed live at 11.30 am on Thursday, 20th May 2021. Follow this link.

If you miss it for whatever reason, the link remains live for some time so you can look at it at your convenience.

It will be a way of remembering Eileen and all she was to us. You can  send the link to others whom you think might like to receive, as Eileen was involved in so many networks of groups.


Eileen O'Kane, who has been a key figure in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the UK for over 40 years, died in the early hours of 2nd May 2021, shortly after her 77th birthday.

Many of us will remember this stoical lady.

Of Irish birth, Eileen served as a member of the English National Service Committee for CCR for many years, and continued to be a member of her local DST in Brentwood.

She was also a trustee for both the Sion Community and CREW Trust where she was known for her forensic mind and desire for complete transparency. One of her roles was as line manager of the CCR office and she was a member of the editorial board of Goodnews for many years.

Also, when the Committee of the Isles was set up in 2006 for Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Britain, Eileen was a key member.

This group consisted of a couple of representatives from England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, (usually the Chair and Vice Chair of each country), who met twice yearly in the different countries of the Isles to worship the Lord & thank Him for what He was doing, to pray and share ideas etc.

The aim was  to develop unity and a sense of family.

Eileen was a valuable member of this. (The late Rev Ambrose Walsh was also a valuable member of this team for some years).

Eileen also was a great speaker at the Annual Welsh Conference in Carmarthen, and elsewhere, inspired by the Holy Spirit and her experience of Renewal. 

She had a great capacity for friendship and had many friends whom she kept up, both in this country and abroad.

Despite her small size, she had a huge personality and once met, she was never forgotten. She combined both a highly practical brain and attention to detail with a great trust in the power of God, which made her an invaluable member of any team she worked with and a great friend to all who had the privilege of knowing her. She also had a great sense of humour.

We mourn her loss and send our condolences to her family, particularly her two sisters Maureen and Bridget who were at her bedside in hospital where she died after a short and sudden illness.

Written by Kristina Cooper, of CCR England, and added to by Frances Graham, former Chair of CCR Wales.


Servant Leadership Course

One of the services of CHARIS is to provide opportunities of formation to the worldwide Charismatic Renewal.

For this reason, the Formation Commission of CHARIS has developed a Servant Leadership Course Online designed for people of any age and background in the church.

The online course includes fourteen classes (seven in teaching the foundations of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) and seven in practical areas of the CCR). Initially, it will be offered in English.

Visit CHARIS where you will find information about this Online CHARIS Servant Leadership Course, including the registration process. The course will begin January 22, 2021.

CHARIS would really appreciate your help promoting the course in your country and/or in the Charismatic expression you belong to. Specially, don’t be afraid to invite young people!

Thanks for your love and support for the CHARIS mission, especially your prayers for this Online Formation Program.

Many blessings in the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dr. Jean-Luc Moens Andres Arango
Moderator CHARIS

Andres Arango
Moderator CHARIS Coordinator
Formation CHARIS




This is the first issue of the European CHARIS Info Letter (EUCHARISIL).

We welcome all readers of the former European Catholic Charismatic Renewal Info-Letter* and all other readers.


The first meeting of the European CHARIS Continental Service of Communion will be near Budapest, in the weekend April 24-25th, 2021.


In this issue:The previous EU-CHARIS-Info-letter was June 18th 2020. This 3rd edition is on European transitional Coordinating Team, especially Paolo Maino. This team organizes a first European meeting in Zoom, April 23-25th , to prepare a first official European CHARIS Continental Service of Communion.

The composition of the first CHARIS International Service of Communion in 2019 was a surprise. The two representatives for the European continent, Paolo Maino an Etienne Mellot, had to work on the European level: creating a European transitional Coordinating Team, assist in the creation of National Services of Communion and to prepare the European Service of Communion. All according to the first CHARIS-statutes, presented by the Vatican in 2018.


Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions

The faithful from around the world suggest papal prayer intentions to the international office of the Apostleship of Prayer in Rome. Through prayerful discernment the Apostleship selects a large number of them and submits them to the Vatican for further selection, with the Pope making the final selection.

The Vatican then entrusts to the Apostleship of Prayer the official set of monthly prayer intentions, which the Apostleship then translates into the major world languages and publishes in print and digital formats. 

The prayer intentions already prepared are here.


Pope Francis speaks about the fruitfulness of praise

Read about it here


This is an abridged version of the Testimony I gave at the Carmarthen Conference in 1990 (Neil Tully)

“Come to me all you who are weary and are heavily burdened”

I was working in a tool-room in Liverpool in 1967, and it was there I met a Pentecostal Minister.

To many of the men who worked there he was a figure of fun and he was subjected to a lot irreverent banter. He could be a nuisance; some mornings he would place religious pamphlets through the hinge space in our tool boxes - pamphlets that were not very complimentary to the Catholic Church.

In my conversations with him I became aware that he had a relationship with Jesus Christ that was totally different to mine. I was a cradle Catholic, brought up in a church-going family, an altar boy from the age of seven. Jesus, I knew, was present in Tabernacle on the altar.

One day I asked him about Jesus. “Oh,” he said, “I have met him.”. “Oh,” I said, laughingly, “what did he look like?”. “I didn’t look him in the face,”, he said, “but he had the most beautiful feet I have ever seen.”.

The humility of that Pentecostal Minister both impressed me and intrigued me. We had many conversations after this, but time moved on. In 1979, I and many others during this period were made redundant and we lost touch.

In 1978 I had been invited by a friend to visit a prayer group in Mold. I went there for a few weeks and to my surprise enjoyed the atmosphere. Shortly after I attended a Day of Renewal at Gronant; the speaker was Father Ian Petit. Charismatic Renewal was totally foreign to me and certainly very different to what I was used to, but I was inquisitive. I then learned that there was a Charismatic Prayer Group at Pantasaph, so I moved from Mold to Pantasaph.

The prayer group met in the home of Bishop Langton Fox. Various people led the group, including Bishop Langton, who participated as one of the group, and it was a time of great blessing.

Christmas 1980/81 I was hospitalized with a very serious illness. After many months absence I returned to the prayer group. I learned that a number of the group were planning to attend a Conference at Carmarthen and I decided to join them.

My first impression was that I was in the wrong place; I felt alienated, but the Mass lasting over two hours persuaded me, and a priest friend, that something was happening. The main speaker was Father Ian Murray.

I was still at a low place both physically and spiritually, I sought out Father Ian Murray and made my Confession.

It was then I found as if I had been transported, to the foot of the Cross at Calvary. I was not kneeling in front of a Crucifix, I was not gazing at a famous painting. I was there looking at Jesus Christ at the height of his suffering. The intense agony of His tortured body was there in front of me. Psalm 22.

Like the Pentecostal Minister I had met Jesus Christ.

I then heard Father Ian describing the scene to me. I said, “Father, there's no need, I have just been there.”. Father Ian then prayed over me and I experienced an immense feeling of the Love and compassion of God embracing me.

Was this experience a grace filled moment?

Of course it was, but it is the very place that we, that is all of us, must start our journey.

At the foot of the Cross.

Now when they heard this, they were pierced to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, "Brethren, what shall we do?". Peter said to them, "Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God will call to Himself." Acts 2:38

Pope Francis says, “This is beautiful! To forgive is God's joy; the being of God is mercy. For this reason, in this year, we should open our hearts so that this love, this joy of God may fill us with this mercy.".

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Pope Francis' Address to Charismatic Communities

Pope Francis' address of 31st October, 2014 to members of the "CATHOLIC FRATERNITY OF CHARISMATIC COVENANT COMMUNITIES AND FELLOWSHIPS" here.


Pope Francis sends a message to leading 'Word of Faith' teacher Kenneth Copeland via Bishop Tony Palmer, saying that Charismatics and Catholics must unite. See it here

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