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JULY 2018

I ask for my prayers for my mother, for her release, for she is a very nervous, irritable person, difficult to live with. I would also like to take the opportunity to request prayers for a child who is suffering from headaches and vomiting when he enters school


I ask for my prayers for my brother, for the liberation of his mind. He is confused by ideas of revolt and false biblical interpretation.

I beg your prayers for an 87 years old lady, suffering from the onset of Parkinson's disease. As a symptom of this disease, she is having many nightmares and wobbling.

I ask for prayers for a young lady looking for a job. She also has a 6-year-old daughter, and lives with a young man without marrying him. As an aggravating circumstance, it seems to me that her "husband" is a trafficker.

I beg you to pray for a lady to pay up-to-date her staff, who suffer so much from their arrears (James 5: 4, Lev 19:13, Deut 24:15, Jer 22:13).

I beg you to pray that my father, Joseph, will repent of all the violence that has been used against his children throughout our lives. In fact, we grew up in a very authoritarian and aggressive environment.

I ask for prayers for my health, for I have pain in the spine and bones of the whole body, besides pains in the vessels of the legs and arms.


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.

JUNE 2018

My older brother will go through the screening tomorrow, to go to a drug-dependent recovery farm (he uses alcohol, cigarettes and drugs)! This is the fourth or fifth time that he goes inside. In two hospitalizations he did, he returned home before ending the treatment because he presented bad behavior! This being an aggravating of his picture, I ask for prayers to be converted and free of such habits!

I ask for prayers for my brother making debts, due to the use of drugs! He makes cumulative debts, and spends all his money as soon as he receives it! In fact, he spends quiet days at home when he does not have the money, even to hide from the traffickers he owes! Then, when the day comes for his payment, he goes out into the streets and stays for two or three days, using drugs, spending all his money, paying his debts and making new ones! Then he repeats the cycle, staying quiet at home until he receives more money!

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for prayers for me! I have felt overwhelmed, with a heavy body, discouraged!

My father is getting ready to have surgery on your eye for the removal of a membrane that is developing in it! I ask for prayers for this surgery to be successful!


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.

MAY 2018

Please pray for the conversion and release of the young nnnnn. He grew up attending umbanda centers, and today, possessing around 21 years of age, deals with astrology, tarot and Jewish cabal. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for my prayers for my brother. He has complained that he is willing to "die," stating that he can not take the life he leads. He spends his days in his bedroom, playing guitar and guitar, and accessing the internet.


nnnnn is unemployed! For this reason, I ask for prayers so that the doors of a job open to her!

I ask for prayers so that my family can be converted and have more union!

I beg your prayers for the breaking of the curse against my sentimental life! A few years ago, a young man hired the services of a sorceress to be able to conquer me!

When I was a child, two of my cousins laid a curse upon my life, having hired a work of witchcraft for it. They wanted through this to drive me insane, so that I could not have a normal and prosperous life as an adult. In this way, I ask for prayers for the breaking of this curse too!

I ask for prayers for the health of my mother and for my father. My mother did leg surgery for the removal of varicose veins. And, my father, among other health problems, is losing the health of vision, and may become blind!

My country, Mrs. nnnn and Mr. nnnnn, are always arguing, so I ask God to free you from the spirit of disagreement!

My sister lives with her boyfriend without marrying. In this way, I ask for prayers so that they will convert and thus marry!

I ask for prayers for the mental health of all my family, because in her, everyone seems to suffer with some kind of disturbance!

Very naive, having been deceived for many years by his cousins and supposed friends, my father was turned against several people, even against his own family, which hurt him a lot! Finding himself thus wounded, he decided not to give satisfaction to any person except God, so that he respects no one! My father always decides to do what pleases only himself, ignoring the will and the feelings of the neighbor! My father has become a very difficult person to deal with, so I ask for prayers for solving such a picture!

My father is in the habit of collecting items from the trash he finds in the streets to sell in the old iron or paper recycling. He also reuses some of these objects for use in our house, improvised, which annoys my mother a lot. She is frustrated with this because she would like to have a better house! Moreover, although we are not materially wealthy, we do not need such a form of economy that my father practices, and this source of income my father has made is very small, not compensating for the effort he makes to clean, dismantle, collect the objects that it reuses or sells! For this reason, I pray for my father to be freed from this habit!

I beg your prayers for Mr. nnnn's health. He undergoes hemodialysis treatment three times a week, but now, his body is rejecting the catheter, making it impossible to treat! For this reason, your life is at risk!

I beg you for nnnnn's health. She is sick, with problems in the intestine, and can undergo a serious surgical intervention! I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for prayers for your father who has been in bed for several years, a victim of the consequences of diabetes!


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.

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