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MAY 2019

I humbly ask for your prayers for an urgent reconciliation encounter very soon between two brothers, which is affecting their families immensely.

Our Lord’s blessing for a quick process on my travelling documents to approve real soon.

For a brother who is desperately in need of a job and a house to rent.

For a reconciliation encounter and a renewed mother and son relationship once again of a son and his second mother who has helped him immensely as her own.

The gift of the Holy Spirit upon my boss and her associates to enlighten their minds to give me my old job back.

Our Lord’s abundant blessings and graces upon our sister who is going through difficult times at the moment.

Thank you indeed from the heart


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.

APRIL 2019

Strong Holy Spirit-filled prayer desperately needed over someone! He is under heavy persecution and has to face public slander. May God conquer his enemies' hearts with His powerful love, and silence their evil tongues. Bless him so he can see and feel how Heavenly Father protects and guides him with holy wisdom. May God's favour follow him wherever he goes and whomever he meets. May heavenly light shine from him and he will win whatever obstacles come along the way!
Please pray for me as well for I have suffered for 13 years of a painful lump in my gum. The pain can get so bad it prevents me from speaking and eating. The pain overwhelms my whole being and my head feels like it’s filled with thousands of bees. I’m a widow with two lovely daughters but I am alone. Please pray that I would be able to forgive past wrongs I have faced and be set free from bitterness. Depression tries to haunt me but I put my faith in the good Lord! May He heal my damaged legs and hands as well.

Thank you for your prayers and God bless!


Please pray for us! For our deliverance and healing (physical and emotional )


I am a Catholic mother of 2 sons living in Sri Lanka. I am struggling with lot of difficulties since 1 Year. My husband and my eldest son is unemployed and difficult to find a Job. We are walking through lot of hardships. We are praying but still didn't get answer to prayers.

I am suffering with diabetes, kidney protineuria, arthritis and high cholesterol since long time.

Please pray for me and my family to get blessings and heal my sickness. Please pray for my parents also. Please pray for get employment.

Thank you so much for prayers. God bless you.


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.


Please pray for Ann Cliff, who was on the Wrexham Diocesan Service Team for many years; and her husband Rod who was on the NSC for a number of years. They both attended the Carmarthen conference when it first started back in the 1980s. Ann had poor health for a number of years and was in a wheelchair for the last few years.

Anne's funeral took place on 9th November in Buckley, North Wales.

May the Lord take her to himself in heaven. After many years of service, may he give her a just reward of perpetual happiness with him. May he console the remaining family as they come to terms with their loss.


Please ask the members of your Faith community to continue their prayers for the healing of nnn, from wounds she received in her childhood, and also for the grace of conversion.


 I wanted to ask for prayer by nnn, nnn, nnn, nnn, nnn, nnn, nnn and for me, for release of all bad spirit, whatever of the mind, spirit and body.Thank you, and that the Lord bless you!


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.

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