Prayer Requests
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Please pray for Trevor Silverman and his family.
He is seriously ill in Withybush Hospital, Pembrokeshire.
The doctors have started him on steroids to extend his life. Trevor and his wife Gina have been on the Menevia DST previously and have been involved in Renewal for a long time.


Please also pray for Kate Shann’s family. She died on Christmas Eve aged nearly 103!
Kate lived in Chepstow and ran a prayer group there for years! Another stalwart of Renewal.


Josie de Vos from Port Talbot passed away on 6th January. She was in her 90’s and originally from  Belgium. Many of you will remember her from days of Renewal and Annual Conferences. She was a lovely lady who once told me “how could I ever be lonely when the Lord is always with me?”.


It is sad to lose our friends, but may Kate and Josie rest in peace and joy.

May the Lord uphold all close to them and also Trevor and Gina and their family.


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.


I pray for the emergency services who deal with difficult and stressful situations and respond to calls quickly. In particular, the Ambulance service.

I pray that I may join this service so that I can make a difference to people and live the vocation in which I feel I'm called to lead. Pray that I may be able to help others and not be turned in on myself. Guide me and strengthen me.

Pray for all those in the emergency services that they may use their talents and gifts to respond quickly to those in need.

Please pray for me so that something may come up in my area of Norfolk Suffolk Cambridgeshire.

I ask this prayer through the love and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever.



Please pray for me and my girlfriend.


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.


I would like to ask you for a prayer again, I need it very much. Many years after conversion I have been painfully tormented with deep guilt, very strong diabolic opressions and false image of God very deeply rooted in my heart. I know I can't look back anymore, but the enemy has been tempting me so strongly. I am so eXhausted. Please pray, that the Lord will deeply heal all my wounds of sins with His love and for the grace of total trust, that I will never look back. Thank you very much! May God richly bless you!


Please pray for a mother of teenagers who will be having an operation on Monday, 6th November, in Cardiff to try to remove the brain tumor which has regrown, after treatment last year. The family have asked for our prayers. Thank you. God bless


Please remember a regular prayer for a family in great need of God's care and protection.

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